Facilities – Royal Packages



Situated in PORT QASIM industrial zone, the Karachi unit manufactures, plastic drums of 210 liters and a wide range of blow molding plastic contains form 0.7 liters to 30 liters.


Royal Packages plastic drums are manufactured using state of the art technology with customized screen printing to meet the stringent demands of our customers with hazardous and non-hazardous products as well as reliability as safety requirements. Our plastics drums are made from high molecular-high density polyethylene resin and manufactured to high standards of quality and consistency. This material max the drums extremely strong and rigid, allowing for easy handling and low shipping cost.

Blow Molded Cans

Ranging from 0.7 to 30 liters, blow-molded containers are manufactured by Royal Packages in Karachi. These containers are suitable for various applications that includes but is not limited to lubricant, edible oil, agrochemical, chemical and dairy markets. Blow molding is a manufacturing process that is used to create hollow plastic cans by inflating a hated plastic tube until it fills a mold and forms the desired shape.


Located at SUA ASIL, 4.5 km ASIL/RAIWIND ROAD, Lahore, Royal Packages. The unit almost double in size than the unit in Karachi has gradually become our lifeline. With just 3 machines initially, the unit has expanded rapidly in terms of volume and efficiency with machines working on maximum production capacity.

IML Buckets

The pride of Royal Packages, In-Mold Labelling is the process of inserting a label made from various substrates, die cut to size or preformed, into the mold prior to injection resin. The label bonds to the surface of the molded part when a thin layer of the label re-melts and solidifies with resin of the part. Some labels are made from a micro-porous material and the resin flows to the pores to the label bonding the label to the part.

Monofilament Yarn ( Discontinued )

Monofilament net is made by melting and mixing polymers and then extruding the mixture through tiny holes, forming strands of line, which is then spun into spools of various thicknesses.


Quality is an integral part of all ROYAL products and services. ROYAL continues to invest in state of the art technology and manufacturing process. To provide customers with increased product value following strict guide lines, all the ROYAL manufacturing procedures undergo constant quality assurance monitoring to ensure consistency in quality.

Royal Packages' planning system and our highly automated plants allow us to verify inventories, process orders detail send track shipping status quickly and efficiently our information’s reflects our continuing commitment to maintain and improve quality systems. This process ensures our ability to meet customer's needs for high volume production, stock inventories and provided deliveries that are second to none. Behind every innovative ROYAL product is a team focused on practical solutions for a demanding market place in an atmosphere that encourages

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